• The Rigby Pub & Grill (map)
  • 119 E Main St
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • USA

For some, comedy is light entertainment. For others, it's much more than that: it's raw, it's provocative, it's iconoclastic. It brings levity to the most taboo subjects - by steering right into them. It's also a celebration of free speech: reckless, immature, and sometimes downright vulgar. It's where adults go to be kids again. Needless to say, it can be very offensive.

This show is for that kind of comedy fan.

Your lineup:
Clarence Williams (Milwaukee)
Kaitlin McCarthy (Milwaukee)
Jeff Spankowski (Milwaukee)
Sasha Rosser (Madison)
Nick Ledesma (Madison)

Fair warning: This is a show for adults who can take a joke! If you are offended by edgy humor, please spend your Friday night elsewhere. No topic is off-limits!

$5 at the door.