• The Brink Lounge (map)
  • 701 E Washington Ave
  • Madison, Wisconsin

"People who like people like telephone work!"

A tale about job interviews and the people who inflict them.

Jolyn Masters and Mathias Foltynewicz are Assistant Directors of Human Resources at a large call center that surveys everyday people about their everyday lives. On a normal day, they sort through everyday applicants and hire them in everyday survey jobs. 

But this is not a normal day. By its end, they break every rule in the book, admit to several major labor law violations, and make job offers which are equal parts hilarious and horrible. And there's giant Jenga.

Featuring the talents of Annie Jay (Bar Games), Jason Compton (Wait Until Dark), Leigha Vilen (Unpresidented), Matt Reines (The Winter’s Tale), Laura Kochanowski (A Valentine’s Affair 2019), Thomas Amacher (The White Rose), and Lee Wilson-Hayes (Welcome to Fitzwalkerstan).
Written and directed by Ned O'Reilly.