• Robinia Courtyard (map)
  • 829 E Washington Ave
  • Madison, Wisconsin

GREEN-LIT COMEDY is back Saturday, November 3rd and we are most definitely bringin' the realness. 

Deon Green hosts some of Madison's finest comics, headlined by the hilarious Antoine McNeail!

Antoine is a young grandfather, comedian and entrepreneur. In addition to being hysterically funny, he runs the production company "One Motion Outreach Enterprise", and he hosts and produces a monthly Comedy and Poetry jam as well. Antoine's show gives a great platform for up and coming artists to develop their craft, and adds to the culture of stand-up comedy in Madison significantly. If you haven't been to one of his shows, you should definitely check one out! 

Joining these fellas will be 5 other delightfully funny local comedians. We don't use their bios because comedians write their own bios and where's the love in that?

David Fisher has always been one of my favorite Madison comics. He's in love now, and it's beautiful, but I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, so now I have to give him money to hangout with me and that's fine. 

Kevin L. Schwartz is hands down one of the most solid joke-writers in comedy right now. He uses his time making connections that you don't have the time to make in your daily life, and damn are they funny.

Cynthia Marie is a gem and a lovely comic we're happy to have in the scene out of Philadelphia. In addition to producing the Madison Comedy Week festival, she produces laughter in audience members with her RAD JOKES™

Marty Clarke is a douche bag. HAHA jp dawg. He is a nice young man who will make you laugh. And probably call himself a douche at some point. He runs the Big Diss Roast battle and Skinny Dip comedy hour, which are fun shows if you haven't been!

Nina Davis is a damn phenom and she's only getting better. She's better at comedy than a lot of folks who have been doing it 5x as long. She's a sweetheart, but she'll rip your heart out of your chest if you're not careful.

I, (Jake Snell), will be publicly humiliating myself at the beginning of the show by freestyle rapping about a topic of your choice, so come through with a good idea! 

$5 at the door, tell your people about it!