• Atlas Improv Co. (map)
  • 609 East Washington Avenue
  • Madison, WI, 53703
  • United States

And the Oscar for the best independent show in Madison goes to: The New Set! Congrats!!!!!!

The New Set: it's the show where you supply topics, they improvise stand-up. Sometimes it's great, sometimes it's... interesting. It's always entertaining! And if you really want your Oscar fill, one person in this show will win an Oscar for "best improvised set."

Submit your suggestions now. https://goo.gl/forms/jzSM3sesByGyWc522

***Featuring prepared stand-up comedy from Adam McShane***

Improvised stand-up from:
Steve Horton
Shauna Jungdahl
Esteban Touma
Rory Rusch
Henry Toups
Adam McShane
More TBA
Possibly you?*

*Anyone in the audience can enter their name for a chance to do an improvised set.