• Broom Street Theater (map)
  • 1119 Williamson Street
  • Madison, Wisconsin

Madison's own Lucid Dreaming Sketch Comedy presents United by Cows: the first sketch comedy collaboration between Wisconsin and Texas we admit to knowing of. You'll see fast and innovative comedy written by local Madison talent as well as work from Be Kind to Strangers, our collaborating group from Houston, TX.

Ben Seidensticker
Christian Neuhaus
Bree Prehn
Mary Elizabeth Wallin
Samantha Centerbar
Josh Bass
Aaron Garrett
Dennis Budde

Ben Seidensticker
Turner Smith
Mary Elizabeth Wallin

Mary Elizabeth Wallin
Sean H. Cairns
Desmond Hawkins
Joe Molloy
Nina Davis
Stacey Garbarski
Turner Smith
Annie Jay

Production and Technical Work:
Laurie Everitt- Costume Design
Brandon Hartman- Sound Design
Claire Kannapell- Flier artwork
Elayne Juten- Playbill