• The Rigby Pub and Grill (map)
  • 119 E Main St
  • Madison, Wisconsin

If you're vaguely familiar with the Wisconsin stand-up scene you can probably recognize but not name some of the eccentric but endearing weirdos who have been performing in town for years. 

The Guest List is a new stand up comedy showcase that promises not to book any of them (regardless of how funny they are) and instead book characters you know and love. 

How did the producers find a window in Ruth Bader Ginsburg's schedule? 

How did they bring back Edgar Allan Poe or Bob Ross from the dead? 

Will they get Shakespeare to be or not to be funny? 

What other characters are doing 5 minute sets? Don’t ask. All we know is that 1, these are absolutely NOT local comedians in costumes and 2, it's a free show, so expect a budget of $0 for the wig department. 

The Guest List Character Stand Up Comedy Show will happen at The Rigby Pub, 119 E Main St, on Sunday, November 4th, at 7:30 pm. 

This show will NOT feature: Will Isenberg, Brittany Tilander, Nate Chappell, Stevie Lee Crutcher, Joey Bednarski, Cosmo Nomikos, Bennett Brown, Rory Rusch, and Carter Deems.