• The Rigby Pub & Grill (map)
  • 119 E Main St.
  • Madison, WI

New lewk, new host, same devastating roasts. It's about to get toasted and composted up in here. And guess what? February's Big Diss Roast Battle kicks off brand new, F R E S H rankings for 2019.

That's right. Your track record? Wiped clean. All your time, energy, and effort up to this point? Forget about that shit, big fella.

Mickey Morello

Will Isenberg vs. Matthew Mandli
Lev Simmons vs. Joe Molloy
Brook Whitehead vs. Matt Jordan
Samara Suomi vs. Henry Toups
World Famous Crowd Roast

We're kicking things off at the Rigby at 9pm, so grab your friends, grab your cool stepdad, and grab your boring coworkers! Let's get it!