• The Rigby Pub & Grill (map)
  • 119 E Main St.
  • Madison, WI

*Airhorn* *Airhorn* The Big Diss Roast Battle - Madison is BACK!! Buckle up your #RoastingShoes, cuz we have a HOT episode of the BDRB. The Premiere Roast Battle in Wisconsin, with 1-on-1 insults back and forth until YOU (the audience) decides the winner. Ending with our World Famous Crowd Roast, where the ballsiest member of the audience volunteers to come up and get roasted by all the roasters. 9pm Show! Doors at 8:30! FREE!!!

Devin Carroll (0-2) vs. Stevie Leigh Crutcher (4-2)
Patrick Henry Dollah (1-2) vs. Lev Simmons (1-1)
Siyang Sun (1-1) vs. Mike Jonjak (2-0)
Seth Rabin (0-0) vs. Tyson Purcell (0-2)
Ryan Yorde (0-2) vs. Mickey Morello (3-1)
Bennett Brown (1-2) vs. William Heisenberg (4-1) ***

***The winner of Bennett Brown vs. William Heisenberg will get the 5th spot on #TeamMadison in the Madison vs. Milwaukee Roast Battle (Friday 2/23)