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  • 1444 East Washington Avenue
  • Madison, WI, 53703
  • United States

This is Graham from Cthonian Lich, Serpent Lung and Keelhauler's dirtieth (not so) 30th Birthday Party!

Straddling the line between his two worlds of music and comedy.
Featuring some of the heaviest local bands as well as saddest local comics for only $5!
Then as his contribution to something not shitty, all proceeds will go towards Planned Parenthood.

Tubal Cain - 
Married couple of blackened death rippers

Mike Jonjak- 
Thrice first-named local metalhead/sad boy/hail sataner

Cosmic Relic- 
Spaced out psych that's heavier than a tractor

Steve Horton- 
Some guy who doesn't look like he belongs at a metal show at all what so ever

Cthonian Lich- 
Doom metal grooves featuring members of Orogen (formerly Mercian), Emerald Douglas, Serpent Lung

Atmospheric drone doom, member of Cthonian Lich and Serpent Lung

Mark Coatsworth-
Dirty banjo stylings via Ontario, Canada's equivalent to Wisconsin.

Graham Connors- 
local metal head punk and birthday boy from Keelhauler, Cthonian Lich and Serpent Lung