• The Argus Bar & Grille (map)
  • 123 East Main Street
  • Madison, WI, 53703
  • United States

Anthony is leaving Madison for the high plains of Colorado to hide in a mountain and plot his next nefarious world domination plot. Come watch some of his closest comic comic friends completely rip him apart in the most fun way possible. 

Martin "Power Hamster" Henn
Marty "Smokes Cigs Alone In Bed" Clarke
Stevie "The Jokes Are Older Than Her Kids" Lee Crutcher
KC "You Just Don't Get It" Phillips
Deon "Anime Trap Star" Green
Ken "Oh Boy Here We Go" Barns
Shawn "I Guess" Vasquez
Aaron "It's Kind Of, Like, Just a Thing Of, Like" Klinger
Jake "Sex Villain" Snell
and your roast master
Nick "This Is The Only Thing He Has, Dammit" Lynch