• The Fountain of Madison (map)
  • 122 State Street
  • Madison, WI, 53703
  • United States

*Airhorn* *Airhorn* The Big Diss Roast Battle - Madison is BACK!!! and BIGGER THAN EVER!!! The Premier 1-on-1 insults competition is back, and it's gunna get DIRTY!! Wed. Jan 25th after the Big Deuce Open Mic @ The Comedy Club on State (9pm), hussle across the street to the Fountain Bar (122 State St.) to watch comedians verbally abuse eachother until a winner is chosen bv the audience. PLUS, one lucky/drunk audience member will be chosen for our world famous "Crowd Roast" where all our roast masters will tear you apart for all your friends to see. We have a STACKED lineup of battles this month, DO NOT MISS IT!!

Jared Steffen(4-2) vs. Stevie Leigh Crutcher (5-2)
Eleanor Wroblewski0-0)* vs. Peter Jurich(2-1)
Christopher Schmidt(1-0) vs. Martin Henn(1-0)
James Corlett(1-0) vs. Patrick Henry(0-0)*
Spencer Brooks Graham (1-1) vs. Michael Bomhack Schram (2-4)

Headlining Battle:
Deon Green(3-0) vs. KC Phillips (3-0)

PLUS the "Crowd Roast" at the end. So stick around. 

Host: Roast Master MC Marty Clarke
DJ: DJ Sauce aka. Nick Welker

This Month is gunna be NUTS!!! Don't miss it! This may be the last Big Diss Roast Battle at the Fountain Bar, BE THERE!!!!