• The Fountain (map)
  • 122 State Street
  • Madison, WI, 53703
  • United States

Stewart Huff's triumphant return to Madison! Stewart is a 15+ year internationally touring stand up veteran with albums and prestigious festivals under his belt (full bio at stewarthuff.com). Stewart's humor is unconventional to some in its long form storytelling delivery but after doing the job for this long he's not someone to let the momentum slip or to go too long between laughs. He is a comedian who raises the bar for what audiences should expect from entertainers. This stop at The Fountain will be his last performance before he records this set for his next album.

Alex Kumin is a cast member of The Lincoln Lodge in Chicago, as well as a nationally touring comedian who most recently was invited to the NBC Universal Breakout Comedy Festival (full bio at alexkumin.com). Her comedy wields an unapologetic bite, and subject matter ranges from the minute to the monumental.

Dan Bacula's greatest credit to date is organizing this show. Come see him host with the reddest face, embarrassed by the riches of his company.

This is a BYOB show!

All for the low low price of $5