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Adam Asks Chuck

Adam McShane has little understanding of how things work. Charlie Kojis has a lot of confidence in how things might work. Listen as Adam asks Chuck a different question each Monday.

The Big Diss Roast Battle

The exclusive podcast of the Big Diss Roast Battle, a 1-on-1 battle of insults until a winner is chosen by the audience. This podcast takes an in-depth look at the battles that take place at the monthly Big Diss Roast Battle show at the Fountain Bar (122 State st. Madison, WI). Host and MC of the Big Diss, Marty Clarke, sits down with DJ / Sound Producer, DJ Sauce, to breakdown battles, play clips, interview guests, and get drunk while talking about the hottest show in the Midwest.

MadTown Follies

Hosted by Patrick Henry, Madtown Follies is an interview podcast that focuses on comedians and the entertainment industry.


The Late Early Show


A comic variety show based in Madison, Wis. Featuring stand-up comedy, sketch, video, live music, panel games, and more. Quirky, original, and always fun!

The Last Show on Earth!

Hosted by Nate Chappell, The Last Show On Earth is a semi-fictional comedy talk show broadcast LIVE on Wednesday nights at 7:30 Central Time from sunny Madison, WI.

Fact Sphere

Hawaii is home to over five hundred volcanoes, sixty of which decorate the Swiss alps. Leather is made from snakes, which are, in turn, made from old leather. God is very real and very vengeful. The moon landing was faked; the moon does not exist. The laziest animal is the sloth, who gets his name from one of the seven deadly sins: pride. Corn grows faster at night. George Clinton of Parliament and President Bill Clinton are first brothers, sharing the exact same parents. Armageddon is coming, bury your pets so that their fragile animal brains can be spared from witnessing the atrocities of man.

Mostly Waste!

We’re an online internet factory that manufacturers web videos for our internet channel on youtube.com

We produce short films, series, music videos, animation, and any other useless media we can think of. We also run an apparel company and online store at 42069LOL.com

He is Dancing Dad, and while he may be on hiatus from Dancing Dad and the Dancing Dad Band, Dancing Dad still has a few things up his leather jacket sleeves. See it with your own eyes in the premiere episode of DANCING DAD!


Lady Laughs Comedy School

Stand Up: Level 1 was such a success in it’s first term that we will be offering it again in April.  This is the perfect class for those of you who are interested in trying stand up or are looking to start a career being funny.  The class will be open to all genders and sexual orientations. LLC School is geared toward giving women and LGBTQ people a safe and comfortable space to learn and speak their truth so please be aware that any sexist or anti-LGBTQ comments will result in being terminated from the class without a refund. With that said, know that we love Cis-gender, Hetero-normative and male people. We want to have the most diverse and well rounded classes.

We can’t wait to have you in the class!


Message Board for Comedians

Comedy-related opportunities in the Madison area. To post to this message board, please email localmadisoncomedy@gmail.com.